Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

Have you ever read that childrens book? It's adorable, with a cute little mouse....

Mice are not cute. If you give a real mouse a cookie it will come back for more!


If you give a mouse decon......it DIES!!! AAAHHH ha ha h ahahahahha......(evil laughter)

I digress..

This morning I had just finished the dishes, swept the kitchen and all was silent for a second. That's when I heard it...a kind of scratching, shuffling noise. Behind the stove. My first thought was the plug was faulty and it was sparking. so I pulled the stove out of the wall....it was fine. That's when I got a flashlight! Remember when our house flooded last summer. Well, when they we're restoring it they dried it out and then drilled little holes in the walls to make sure it was dry. Apparently they didn't fill the holes behind the stove, which we're about an inch across. A mouse had made a home and was trying desperately to drag a part of a cookie that had been kicked under the stove into it's hole, to no avail. the cookie was too big. I was MAD! Some women may have run in fear or screamed, I wanted to throttle that mouse! So off to the hardware store, and a phone call to my mom for advice and soon I was ready. Armed with a whole box of decon, I shoveled decon into the hole as far as I could get it, then put a patch on the wall and mudded it. Decon makes mice thirsty and I am positive it will have to go outside for water, as there is no standing water in the house. I will give it 2 days, then I am going to climb under the deck, where I'm sure it's getting in, armed with expanding foam and steel wool. If I find a hole I will plug it with steel wool and fill it with expanding foam. THERE WILL BE NO MORE MICEY FRAT PARTIES HERE! Shawn was very interested in what I was doing all day, following me around saying, "What doin'?" I explained I was killing a mouse, and hoping it didn't die in my walls and smell. He looked at me and said, "What is kill?" Oops! I asked if he wanted to watch Thomas the Tank engine, that did it. Off he went!

Later, I went downstairs to the unfinished part of the basement and dismantled half of it, swept well and vacuumed for good measure, hiding pallets of decon in deep recesses where i KNOW my kids can't find it, and wouldn't dare go anyway....deep underneath very low shelves and behind the freezer. Tomorrow Sara is going to come out and help me unload the other side. Great time to clean it out and get rid of stuff eh!

So the moral of the story!

If you give a mouse a cookie...he will go call his friends and eat holes in your walls!

but if you give a mouse decon....he will go crawl for water and DIE!! AAHH hah ha ha h ah ahahahahaha....... oh, ehem, excuse me.


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