Monday, November 22, 2010

Life, and experiences, and living.

I thought I'd just let you in on some, um, well, funny? Is that the word we'll use? Okay, funny things that have happened this week.

Item #1. Shawn wakes up every morning stinky. No surprise. However, he also heads straight for the refrigerator and pulls out the cheese. Not just any cheese, colby jack every time! As we're cutting the cheese...hehehe....he will squeak "CHEESE!" So we've taken to calling him the stinky cheese man. If you've ever read the book with the same title you'll laugh.

Item #2. Haley melts to pieces once a day on a regular basis. We're working hard to prevent it, and cut it off before it's out of control. One particular day she wanted to watch TV and she needed to do her chores. She started melting, and screamed, "I want to watch Monsters Impersonated!" I couldn't help it....I melted in a pile of laughter.

Item #4. Mark and I were driving home from Bountiful yesterday. In a funny mood. I'm loosing my voice and am very tired. Haley and Mark in the back seat are poking and prodding and playing a game where someone is going to get hurt and start screaming. They are loud, and my head can't handle it. I squeak, "Hey! Let's have quiet time!" Of course, no one can hear me. So Mark bellows, "Hey! We're having quiet time!" That lasted all of 3 minutes. We're still in a funny mood, they start at it again. Mark bellows, "Hey! There will be punishment!" and I reply, "Punishment will include but is not limited too time on a chair, in a room, or away from the TV. " Mark, "Side effects of continuation may include tears, grumpiness in situation, soar bottoms and death." We cracked up and the kids just stared at us like, What? So, I'm sure they think we're nuts.

We had our Primary Program this sunday, whew, that's over! During the program we had several children answer a simple question instead of memorize lines they didn't understand completely. One boy was asked what he knew about Joseph Smith. His reply was, he was a boy that listened to several different religions talk and went bonkers, so he prayed and saw a vision. Another little girl asked how she knew the Holy Ghost was real, she answered, "Because when I throw snowballs at peoples faces I have a feeling this is a bad idea." Kids are so honest! I didn't do much for it. Haley, my 1st counselor was in charge. I can honestly say it was the best program we've had. And I've never heard a choir of kids sing so loud.

Well, that was our week. Let us know about yours!


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