Friday, November 12, 2010

Things My Mother Taught me...and she didn't even know it!

My mother turns 50 in January. (What a great opening line! Keep reading mom! Don't kill me yet!) She has brought me up with my 5 siblings through heck and back. I have never proclaimed to be the perfect child. In fact I was a terror! However, she taught me many lessons in life. To celebrate her 50th year on this earth, I have made a list of lessons I learned from her, that were taught by example....ehem....

1. Always double check the gas pump is put back before driving away. (love ya mom!)


2. Never give a toddler an entire candy bar. (Lesson learned with help from Joel, age 2)

3. It's a bad idea to leave a 12 year old in charge of her 5 younger siblings in a torrential thunder storm. ( We all recovered physically, except the baby birds. I still hate thunder)

4. You can do anything with duct tape. (including car maintenance, thanks dad)
5. You can clean anything with Simple Green.
6. You don't need a dish washer...that's what the Lord gave you 2 hands for!
7. Sometimes the dog is your smartest kid.

8. It doesn't matter if a house is haunted or not. If the kids believe it... it is. (I swear to this day, there is something unnatural about that house!)

9. If you keep a close relationship with the Lord, he will help you. Even if you don't think you need help.

10. Always follow through with your promises (and threats) no matter how outrageous, it helps your children. (I remember a certain mother throwing the van door open and confronting a certain unruly teenager that had snuck out in front of her entire group of friends. * embarrassing* Thanks mom, you saved my life.)

11. Your mother is usually right about the boys you date. (Saved my life again)

12. Don't ever stick anything in your ear, it may sprout. (With the help of Jodi)

13. Be careful what you say around your very smart toddler, it may come back to haunt you! (or the rude lady next door)

14. Yes, we have rules for a reason. (remember the riot downtown?)

15. You will survive this, and be better for it. (Still with us mom?)

16. Kill an enemy with kindness...they never died...but I have less enemies!

17. Your mother is generally right about parenting.

18. Yes, you can fit 6 kids into the back of a subcompact car. (though they may come out bruised and scratched up)

19. Pay attention to everything, you never know what knowledge could do for you. (Thank you girls camp first aid courses, and Jodi's leg thanks you too)

20. You can't microwave forks.

21. If you wake up in the middle of the night with an insatiable desire to buy water and fire wood....follow through! (If you meet the entire ward at the store at 3am, you know where it came from)

22. You can do anything you set your mind to, or the minds of your children.

23. The Lord has a sense of humor. (Lesson learned over, and over, and over)

24. A Mothers Intuition is real, so listen to it.

25. Just keep learning, just keep learning....learning...learning...what do we do we Learn.....

Thanks mom! Love you! You have been an incredible mother!

Most of you understand the meaning behind these...Have a Great Day!

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