Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally....Okay, let me just say it for you all...You told me so.


Finally, I've made the decision to get a facebook page. I know, I kicked, I screamed, I really didn't want one. I still don't want one! What's the difference now? NO ONE CALLS ME!!! NO ONE SENDS ME PICTURES!!!! If someone has news, I find out 3 months later then they ask..."It was on face book...didn't you see?" NO I DIDN'T....and just for the record, I still hate facebook, and all it's privacy issues. I'm just tired of not knowing how anyone is because our culture is not very user friendly anymore.

Okay, so here's the deal, I don't know how facebook works but I need a very private page so I get to decide who can see/search me. That's one of my REALLY big beefs, I don't want everyone searching me online. And I want to control the exposure my family has from the world. So, now I seek advice. How do I do this? Any advice? If your here to poke fun at me, do it over the phone. I take it so much better in person as well! I am more of a face to face person. Not a face to book, or computer, as it stands.

love you, Hate this!


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