Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Beautiful Babies

Okay, every mama thinks her kids are the cutest. But I have to say, mine are. Hehehehe.....okay, roll your eyes now. As long as their heads are not spinning, and mostly when they're asleep. But they're good kids, at least 59% of the time! Here are some fun pictures we took at the beach. Haley helped me "touch" them up. We had a good time!

Here's Haley, in her eternal 'arn't I the cutest' pose.

This is Marky's personality--exactly.

Come on, you have to agree, they're adorable!!

Make's ya feel all warm and fuzzy eh? (heheh)

Notice Shawn...without shoes...the kid won't keep them on!! Even in the grocery store..
and the dentist...
and everywhere!

And again. With the eyes. I should take this photo and blow up haleys face.

For later.....

When she's a teenager...
and rolling her eyes is not nearly as cute as it was when she was 6!

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