Friday, January 14, 2011

Potty Training Day 3, again....From the trenches...

I know this is the second time we've tried potty training. I had to fight with him too much the first time so we gave up. This time it's gone more smoothly. Lots of accidents on the first day, I expected as much and covered all the carpets with old blankets I could wash easily. The second day he was on top of things and only had 1 accident. Yesterday, day 3, was a little harder. He refused, I gave in on day 2 and offered food rewards, a chocolate chip when he went. Day 3, he got smart.

Demanded more...

Wouldn't go for less....

Peed on the floor while he looked at me with the..."You really want to fight this?" look...

So I gave in. Did everything my parenting books said not too. I pulled out the big guns.

The Big Marshmallows.

Now, he wants to go every 5 minutes. I guess that's good. But I'm not sure. I give up my sanity for a sugar rushing boy who has to run to the bath room every 5 minutes.






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