Friday, January 14, 2011

Play by Play


I'm inside trying to put Max (the 6 month old I babysit) to sleep. I left the window cracked so I could hear the kids in the front yard. All my kids along with 3 others are building a snowman they deem the neighborhoods biggest. Here's a play by play...

Haley---"I think I found an arm!"

Marky--"What happened to the head?"

Koby--"We have to have a head!"

Marky--"I know!"

Haley--"Oh great, a headless snowman!"

Andrew--"Mark! You we're in charge of the head!"

Marky--"I know! I KNOW!! I can't be in charge of everything!"


Haley--"Snow is yummy..."

That last one got me out of my chair and reminding the kids we don't eat yellow snow.....

I'll post pictures when my camera's charged!

Love ya!


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