Monday, May 16, 2011

Gardening and Gnomes...don't mix.

I have a little Gnome...he's just over 2 feet tall! He drinks an awful lot of milk, and LOVES garbage trucks. And can't stay out of my garden.

Gardens and Gnomes don't mix.

I nurtured, loved, and protected my plants, 8 tomatoes and 7 peppers, 2 rows of peas and 2 of beets, 1 of carrots 1 of lettuce and 1 of radishes. They we're doing beautifully.

Then the Gnome arrived.

He managed to crush, or bury 6 of my tomatoes...

...step on 4 peppers.....

pull up 3 peas.....

and drown the rest in WAY too much water. you say....did this happen?

In all of 20 minutes while I tried to take a shower.

The End....

...of my garden.

Off to the gardening store....
next week
when I stop steaming.

The real end. Hopefully.

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