Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Day, unplugged.

Sunday is Mothers Day, a day to celebrate all the perfect mothers! Go ahead, ask anyone. They'll tell you how wonderful their mother is, how she always had fresh baked cookies, and fresh pressed linens... how she smelled of roses, and always wore a smile on her face. I can tell you my mother was perfect!

Now, all you mothers out there reading this. Don't roll your eyes, don't be alarmed, and for heaven sakes...keep reading!!

I was recently in a mothers day play written by a very talented mother in our ward. It was perfect. Full of mothers struggling to get the house clean, struggling to understand their children, struggling to get their scriptures read. Perfect mothers, just like you and me.

When I say perfect, I don't mean cookies, and smiles perfect. I mean mothers who are trying. Who struggle every day with decisions. Who celebrate their children's tiny steps forward and cry when their child struggles. Mothers who love their neighbors children when they can't have any of their own. Mothers who pour their hearts out to their Heavenly Father every night, pleading for help, for strength, and for the ability to be what their children need. Mothers who never find the end of the laundry pile, who never find enough time to snuggle, who never find the bottom of the kitchen sink. These mothers are the perfect ones, the ones who care, who try and who think they are constantly not making it.

Know this, mothers, you are making it. Look in your children's eyes and see that you are exactly who they need and want. Exactly who their Heavenly Father desired for them.

So while you clean yet another bum, or wipe up another spill. Smile, you are perfect, perfect for your children, exactly the mother they need.

Happy Mothers Day!

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