Friday, May 6, 2011

Library Adventures!

We try to hit the library at least once every 2 weeks. I try really hard to make it once a week. The kids have at least an hour of paroosing books and reading, not to mention one hour of quiet! What a place! And it’s free! Well, today was a quick day, Haley had to get to school, we only had 30 minutes. So in we went, Haley, Shawn and Max (the 9 month old I watch). We paroosed, we read, we had a great time and 15 minutes to get Haley to school. Checking out, shawn started to push buttons and run around, not a good sign. I just had to reach the door before he broke something!

We made it to the car without a major incident…then it happened. I reached into my pocket, no keys. I checked the baby seat, no keys. The bag with the books, no keys. Haley’s pocket, no keys. My back pockets incase my dairyair had hidden them from me. No keys. So, maybe they fell out in the car?! I had left the window cracked, and reached in to open the door, I barely fit. There goes the car alarm. I pushed every button, no dice. It still wailed, I put all the kids in their seats and shut the door to run back into the Library to see if they we’re sitting on the counter. No dice. By now all the other cars we’re beeping as various library patrons tried to shut off the alarm. Back out to the car. It had stopped! Maybe Haley found the keys! I opened the door, there it goes again. No, I didn’t find the keys mama. Back into the library, now I’ve enlisted the librarian to help search the joint. No dice. Finally I remember sitting next to the computers on my way to the counter to wait my turn. Yep. There they are. By now I have gathered a good looking group in the parking lot, checking to see if it’s their car. I causally slip in and drive away, unnoticed…I wish.

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