Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Food!

So, Shawn is now old enough he is eating baby food. This is good, I just wasn't satisfying him anymore. I decided that since I'm doing cloth diapers why not go completly green and make his baby food too. How hard can it be?? EASY PEASY! I love it! And I know exactly what he's getting!! This week we roasted a butternut squash in the oven dry (no salt/butter, etc) and threw it in my blender and blended it to a fine puree, added a little water/breastmilk, and viola! he loves it! And it cost me nothing since I grew the squash last summer! yeah! I think we'll do avacado's next, a little more pricy but full of good fats. Happy eating!


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  1. No kidding, I have no idea why people by "Baby Food" I'm like you got food on your plate, just give them some! Props on the butternut squash from your garden too! PS You need another button on your voting - I vote "Who cares as long as your happy!"