Saturday, January 17, 2009

relay marathon! Whose in??!!

So, I'm thinking about organizing a hood to coast run or portland to coast walking team for 2010 in August. Whose with me!!?? I've recruited me and my mom so far with hopes for Jodi, Lindsay and whoever else wants to join! Mary? You in? I believe there are teams of 12 for the walkers, I'm not sure about runners yet. You'd walk 5-6 miles twice during the course of the race between Portland, Oregon and Seaside, Oregon, ending on the beach and a lot of fun. Here the link for the walk... On the top you will find the link to the hood to coast. It's the largest relay in the world! We'll have to sign up a year in advance, so I need to know....WHOSE WITH ME!! And would you rather run or walk!



  1. I am definitely in! I would love to do the run but the walk would be fun too. I almost did this when I was in high school but couldn't and so I just rode in the van to watch my sister. Even that was so much fun. I'm counting down! (If we need extras, there might be some running or walking friends I could convince from down here or that I know in Portland...)

  2. Me too Me too Me too!!!!