Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Goiter Batman!

So, I've noticed my kneck getting thicker this year. When I went into my physical I mentioned it to my doctor. He took a blood pannel and confirmed that my thyroid is going Hyper. So, he sent me to ultrasound and low and behold I have multiple little growths called nodules on my thyroid. At this point, because I'm producing too much he wants to monitor me every 2 months to make sure it doesn't get worse. If I start to feel effects or my kneck get's even bigger I'll be treated with Thyroid blockers, if that doesn't work I'll have to think about having the nodes removed, or have radiation therapy for it (I don't want this as it will mean the end of my expanding family). But these are extremes, sometimes it acts up after a pregnancy and it may actually go away! (I sure hope so!) So Holy Goiter's Batman! If I'm moody, you know why!



  1. Ok that title is hilarious! Too bad about the hyper thyroid though...

  2. Erin - that stinks! Guess what, you can have babies after radiation, my SIL on Scott's side had twins after her treatment was over! But would be even better if it's just a situational deal. (Oh, and silly, it's Neck, not Kneck! You can blame my boss for being the spell check nazi)