Monday, January 5, 2009

My more resolutions

I hate new years resolutions. I always fail and then proceed to beat myself up over it. It's an unhealthy cycle. So this year I resolve not to make anymore resolutions...wait...oh well.

2008: I had a beautiful boy! What a great year, I also gained 15 pounds, what a sad year. I don't feel good with all that weight, and I really want to feel good, so I'm not joining weight watchers. I'm not going to buy diet pills. I'm not going to price out lipo suction. And I'm not going to look at myself and say hopeless. I am, however, going to make the decision that I am more important, how I feel is more important, then that piece of cake, or that cookie, or that hamburger or steak. I am more important than my taste buds. Plus, I don't want to have to buy bigger clothes, they're expensive. Do you think I'll make it? I'm posting a poll for you to vote in, your vote in anonymous. So if you vote "yeah right, dream again...." I won't know it's you. I guess my non-resolution is to be happy this year. To enjoy life, and love myself. That, I decided, is the most important thing.

My kids, when asked about a goal for the year said, "I don't know, maybe we can try to clean our rooms..." Fine with me! They are doing well, Marky is picking up words left and right. Haley is doing better with her letters, when she gets them they stick, it just takes a while to get them, writ ting is another battle. She is left handed and fighting it when we try to help her write she uses her right hand. Shawn is starting to want to sit up by himself, he also is trying imitations he can blow raspberries when you do and tries to say Hi and Da.

Mark and I start school this week, this is his last semester--YEAHH!--- until he decides it's time for a masters. I am almost halfway through an associates. When my kids are all in school I'll go full time for a BS. (bachelors of Science Dad... ;) ).

Our driveway is done, YEAH! I can walk out and get into my van without stepping in any mud or dirt! Unfortunately now we have to redo the gutters on the back and the front porch now that the cap is larger then it was.

This is our year end in review, kind of long, sorry! We loved seeing everyone at Christmas and hope this year we can see you again!


ER, Mark, Haley, Shawn and Marky

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