Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soooo....the facebook thingy

So, I think I've made the decision not to make a decision for right now! Ha! I had lots of good yes comments including: Everyone posts their information there, you will always be in the know! ~and~ You're behind the times! It's all going digital! Everyone seemed for it. I was raring to go until I was told by a friend...."I like facebook because I hate to talk face to face," and from a younger friend, "I like facebook because I will post things there I would never say outloud!" Yikes! Call me old fashioned but a phone call or a letter, even an e-mail will work for now. Also, I've got pictures! I'm developing them today! Yeah! Ha! They're so old you won't recognize us! hehehehe.....I'll take some good ones at easter! Luv ya!


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