Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I got a great surprise! (I know I hate the word Got too...It's 6am!) An old friend found me, I haven't made my blog completely private so she found me a posted a comment! Yeah! Well, it's official, we sold the van. We actually had 6 people lined up to see it, but the first had cash in hand and it was sold! It was up to 130,000 miles and overdue for a major problem. It had lots of little ones. So, we fixed it the most we wanted too, and sold it. We told the man we wern't mechanics and about the little problems. Fortunatly we also found a car yesterday that we really liked and bought it. Otherwise I'd be out a car! We only have Mark's work truck without the van. We bought a Chrysler Pacifica with 67,000 miles and a 100,000 mile (not up to, 100,000, but 100,00 more) powertrain warranty that covers everything that makes the car run. That's a good piece of mind. The transmission is brand new, that makes me feel better. The kids love it. It has less cargo room then the van, that's a little concerning, but it does have roof rails, we can buy cross bars and a cartop carrier and be just fine. I hate things like this, it always makes me nervous, but with all the driving I do alone with the kids, back and forth to Oregon we needed something a little more reliable. Little Mark was disappointed it didn't have a tape player. The kids prayed for the car last night, it was hysterical, and humbling all in one. They prayed that we would not get in an accident and that the engine would run, run, run. We need that prayer! Again, Happy St. Pattys day!

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