Monday, March 8, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend, I decided I need a camera. I can't post many pictures without one! But, more important than that is my cousins wedding. Rachel and Brett were married Saturday in the Bountiful, Ut temple. Picture thanks to Sara. Trisha is in the pink dress on the right. She's soon. My little sis! Crazy! Next is Jamie and Alan. They're getting married in a cute little beach cottage in Oregon. I'm SO SAD!!!! I can't be there! Darn this recession! Ooops. sorry. Anywhoo Rachels reception and luncheon were fabulous. They drive out to Indiana this far away. Trisha will be married May 21st in Portland. Jodi graduates the 15th of May in Eureka, CA. Fortunately I will be able to be at both of those. I'm so excited to see them! So, back to what I was talking about before. Rachels wedding was Saturday. Trisha's bridal shower was sunday! Whirlwind of a weekend, full of parties, and now I'm tired. But it was beautiful. Everyone is growing up so fast! I feel old. Very old, I found my first grey hair on Saturday at the wedding. My aunt pointed it out, Thanks sara! My grandfather pocketed it for his book of remembrance. ? Heheheheheh.....I love papa. Whoooo, now just homework and Spring break next week! Hopefully i'll get Haley's dress sewn, my garden prep done, and my house put together during the break. We'll see!!

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