Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of Life...and Chickens...

I've decided, because I can, that life is very good at making sure your not too comfortable. When all your ducks are in a row it throws a chicken into the line. That's what happened to us this week. The car we researched and made an educated decision buying, broke. That's right, 4 days old and the transmission went out. The very part the dealership told us was brand new. Thank heavens we bought the warranty! I tell ya, Dave says not to buy extended warranties, but I'm a true believer they will pay off 100 fold for used cars! Anywhoo, I have the flu so I turned over the rampage of the dealership to my very articulate husband. He called, he raved, he demanded our money back. They were very nice about the whole thing. They towed the car, are putting another transmission in it, and gave us a very nice rental in the meantime that I'm afraid to put my kids into. they're entirely too messy for a brand new car! They promised to keep in touch with us for 6 more months to make sure the car is still running right. Maybe Mark told them how much I enjoy writting letters. Maybe he mentioned my letter writing campaign against the state board of education. Maybe he told them how very good I am at getting my point across. Or....Maybe...they're just really nice and feel bad....It's probably the last one. I'll keep ya updated.

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