Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Madness!

No, we're not talking sports. Everything seems to speed up in March! Homework all comes due, midterms are here.
Be warned, this post will not be pretty! No, I'm not depressed, just venting's healthy sometimes!
Sports for the kids start in March...T-Ball this year! But the sun comes out, I start to jog outside again instead of on the elliptical in the stuffy basement. Shawn is a walking talking tornado, and I'm buying a lock for the gate so he can go outside safely, without wandering around the neighborhood. I still haven't decided on the face book thingy. Lots of great comments however. I think I've decided that I'm to busy to decide right now! Ha! I know, slow down Erin, things will get out of control. And they will slow down, give me till the end of April. If I pass this rotten Library class things will be great! The teacher I took is an online teacher, her syllabus is confusing and I completely messed up my last assignment. She gave me a Zero. That's a lot of points to miss in a one credit class. The only class I need to graduate in May!! I e-mailed her and explained why I messed up the directions. She let me resubmit, but wouldn't let me know how many points I'd earn. We'll see!...But oh well, worse comes to worse I take it again online in the summer. It's really not that big of a deal, just an inconvenience. Ha! An inconvenient truth! Gotta go...Shawn just climbed on the counter and unloaded the cupboard!!

Luv ya!

Crazy ER

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