Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Facebook or Not to Facebook...

Well, as many of you know, I hate facebook. It's caused nothing but problems among my friends and people I know. It is a HUGE tool for evil if used wrong, hence the child predators posing as teens. It also sucks you in for a huge amount of time that could be spent doing something productive. I don't like everyone knowing all my buisness. I don't like that people I don't know can view my page, or that if I say no friends i offend everyone I know. It's a huge emotional drama I can't handle. I am not a dramatic person, much to my demise at times.

However, it's a great way to socially interact and network with those you know. It's a great way to share pictures, news, etc. I miss a lot of family pictures because I don't get them e-mailed anymore, it's all on facebook. I know that someday my son will want a facebook page, that scares me to death.

I like my blog. I can post info when i need to, or when I get a second. I can get comments back, and I can control all the content, ads, etc.

so, I'm letting you give me some advice. Comment your argument for or against. I will weigh all the options and post my decision sometime this month.

good luck!



  1. to facebook! there are settings that you can adjust to keep it as "non public" as u want. I have mine closed up as tight as it will go! You know your going to so just do it already!! You can't fight off the peer pressure much longer! :>

  2. No Facebook - If you are already set up with a product you like, blogger and picasa, why change platforms. If you have to see the other pages to view their pictures make an account to view but you don't have to actively use it. Aside from that I am more afraid about some creepy neighbors than someone posing on the internet. With a few guidelines it is easy enough to steer clear of potential problems.

  3. But if someone's looking for you and they search enough, they can find you on here! Oh my gosh!!! It's Jenni Heckman (Rusow now)... I've been looking for you on myspace and facebook for years!! Drop me an email (or add me on facebook if you join) if you have a chance! I'd love to get back in touch! I'll give you my old email address here - it's the one I still check the most. jenniferheckman@hotmail.com.

  4. Just am checking out your blog from PW's comment section and the title "To Facebook...." entrigued me. My suggestion, knowing that we are complete strangers, is to go ahead and do Facebook too. I <3 FB because it's a great way to keep up with people I would not communicate with otherwis(elementary school friends, old co-workers, etc). Anything that is more personal or something that I don't want the world to know, I use standard communication (phone, email) or blog about it if I just want to get something out that has no other purpose but for me to spout out.

    Either way, do what works for you!