Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Much better.....

So, yesterday was my presidency meeting. I'm still very new at this calling and trying to figure it out. We had the meeting in my livingroom. All of us have young children. Haley, however, is going through an emotional stage of life that threatens my sanity. She asked for a piece of gum shortly before my counselors were to arrive. I told her not now, I'll talk to you after the meeting. She threw herself down on the floor and bawled, screamed, and begged for 30 MINUTES!!! My counselors laughed at it, saying they were glad all families were the same. I was STEAMED!!! All this over gum! I picked her up, put her in her room and told her not to come out until she was in control of herself. 30 seconds later here she comes, hiccuping, "mom....can i have some gum?" What!? I look at her " What makes you think I'm going to give you gum after that huge fit?" haley looks up..."Because I want some?" I almost started laughing...almost....Then I thought, what would a good mother do? Would she scream at her to get back in her room? Probably not...Would she give her the gum? Definetly not!? Would she ignore her and hope she goes away? Tempting, but probably not... So I have NO IDEA what a good mother would do! So I told her there was no way I was going to give her a reward for a huge fit. That did it. She was inconsolable...right in the middle of the floor during my meeting. Life....did I really sign up for this? I keep wondering if I knew what I was in for. Then I remember how cute she is, how kind she is to everyone, how adorable she is when she plays with shawn. Then I remember, how emotional I was, how devastated I was all the time, and how much everyone was against me...when I was her age...the circle of life.

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